World War I & Queen Victorias Royal Lancers

World War I was an extremely important time for England and for its people. It was during this time that the country decided to have its first female Prime Minister and only the second woman ever to hold the position, as well as establishing the role of the Queen in the British government.

However, it was not the only event that went on at this time and most people would agree that the Queen's approval of The Queens Royal Lancers was one of the most important events that had to do with the British Army during World War I. In fact, more than half of the soldiers who went into action in the war were drawn from the Royal Lancers.

World War I & Queen Victoria's Royal Lancers

Served in World War I

Many of the troops that were drawn from the lancers found themselves serving in World War I and many of them are still around today. Many of them were trained in the use of the lance and spent most of their lives fighting in that way.

The lancers fought in the trenches, and in front of their trenches, as well as in the war. Some of the most experienced lancers were involved in certain battles where they actually saved the life of other soldiers.

There is a story that has been passed down to this day that relates to the bravery of The Queens Royal Lancers and how one of the lancers, named Homer, stood his ground when he was being attacked by several men with rifles. This was the type of courage that is required of someone to be considered a member of the Royal Lancers.

The story goes that one of the soldiers shouted "The Queen's approval" and the lancer realized that he was being attacked. He was able to use his lance and struck down the soldier that had called out the phrase.

Of course, there are many stories about the bravery of The Queens Royal Lancers and while some of them may be embellished, there are plenty of real stories from real men that have been involved with the lancers. And no matter what they say, they have certainly lived up to the reputation that has been built up over the years.

World War I & Queen Victoria's Royal Lancers

For a large part of the twentieth century, The Queens Royal Lancers went back and forth between Westmoreland and Gloucester and they have been considered a part of the Royal Flying Corps. These lancers have been involved in such exploits as the delivery of the American flag to Australia and the rescue of members of the Empire Army from a sinking ship.

World War II

The lancers also worked with members of the Royal Navy during World War II. There were many lancers that flew with the King's American Air Force which went on missions to Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

It has also been said that the Queen's approval was so great that the Queen took over leadership of the lancers in the 1950s. And the lancers became a part of the Royal Air Force and The Queen's personal lancers even carried her during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee parade in 1976.

Today, there are many cancers that are members of the Royal Artillery. Most of these have been in training for at least three years and must pass a series of tests before they are considered fit to go into battle.

Because of the presence of The Queens Royal Lancers, many countries have their own lancers as well and the lancers from The Queen's Regiment are one of the most famous of all the regiments in the British Army. Today, The Lancers is still a part of the Royal Artillery and plays a significant role in the British Army.